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I just hope my friends aren’t pissed at the fact I’ve had barely any time to see them. I love earning my own monies and stuff but I think I’ve overdone it a little. From employed to overployed - if that’s even a word. Most days I don’t even have time for myself, so I’m sorry. It has shown me those who really matter though, those who support me and understand. I love them for that.

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I don’t even know if I should be doing this.

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Even though it’s Mother’s Day, my mum has been far too annoying but then I think about people who haven’t had their mum’s around to celebrate today with. I never really thought about it before but when someone very close to you has gone through such a loss and so recently, it makes it real. It’s nice to be able to be there for someone and be appreciated though, like really appreciated. Tomorrow is going to be so tough.

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